Thursday, January 31, 2008

C-Section----- MAJOR SURGERY & how to avoid one

What every pregnant woman NEEDS to know about Caeserean Section Surgery & its risks!!
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  • What Every Pregnant Woman Needs To Know About Cesarean Section helps a pregnant woman understand:

  • maternity care trends that may influence her birth

  • her legal right to "informed consent" and "informed refusal"

  • what is at stake in the decision about whether to have a vaginal or cesarean birth

  • situations that can lead to surgical birth

  • tips to follow in pregnancy and at birth to increase her chances for a safe and healthy birth.

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The best way to use the cesarean booklet is to read it early in pregnancy, use it to make your plans, and go back to it as needed. You can use it to discuss the issues with your partner and your doctor or midwife. If a topic is difficult to understand, ask your caregiver for help.

The 2006 revised edition updates rates of cesarean and other procedures, the list of endorsing organizations, and website addresses. We have also added more details to the companion at-a-glance summary comparing risks of cesarean and vaginal birth.