Sunday, March 16, 2008

Another Birth

I attended my 5th Birth this weekend.
It went beautifully & I am thrilled for the mother, as she achieved the birth she wanted, through a lot of hard work on her part, of course!!! It is very empowering for the mother to have this happen.
I love so much supporting mothers & their family in the births of their new babies.
I wish all moms knew about childbirth assistants & understood the value of having a midwife & other support persons attend the birth of your child. I used to think I only wanted my spouse at the birth of our children, but looking back, I now realize that is is soo much pressure on the father to try to understand something that he does not. Not that having ONLY a spouse as a coach is detrimental to a normal birth, but having other 'women' there who 'know' is so encouraging, ya know what I mean? Though, god doulas help to make the husband/significant other, look like a "hero". I strive to keep the husband involved, if he chooses.
As a doula, I like to help 'protect' the birth memory by writing a log of the birth, hour by hour, event by event, so the family can look back & see exactly what happened when.
All the mothers have seemed to really enjoy this & I plan on continuing it.

I love what I do & love being whatever the mother needs me to be, at this momentous time in their life.
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