Thursday, December 18, 2008

Virtual Labor

Only one who believes in women's bodies to birth & who may or may not be pregnant would enjoy this, but I thoroughly did. This tool is based on natural birth.

I love this Virtual Labor online of "what-to-do" and of what you CAN do when labor starts.
At each stop in the labor you will be required to make a decision about how to respond. The next part of your labor will be randomly selected based on the way you choose to handle the current situation. There is no right or wrong answer.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New Breastfeeding Positions

New Breastfeeding Positions that mothers do not widely know.
I, personally tried them both when nursing my first son, without knowing I had found something not many moms knew... I was just using "trial & error", when my baby was fussing endlessly!

Whether you have already had a baby or are anxiously awaiting your firstborn, if you are breastfeeding or plan on doing so, you've probably heard of the standard breastfeeding positions: the cradle hold, the cross cradle hold, the football hold, the side-lying position. But there's a few more breastfeeding positions you might not have heard about, and these can be just as effective, if not more so, than the standard four.

The positions: Straddle & Prone

The Australian hold, the instinctive hold, the skin-to-skin position, the self-attachment position, uphill feeding, posture feeding – these are all terms that refer to one basic kind of nursing style – a prone position where Mom lies flat or nearly flat on her back (on a couch, on a bed, in a reclining chair) with Baby lying flat on his tummy on top of Mom. This position allows Baby to self-attach easily at the breast.
If you're worried about your baby being able to breathe while lying face-down on top of you, don't be. "Being prone is fine, as long as Baby is lying on Mom and no one is holding his head down," Watson Genna says. "Babies have very good antigravity reflexes. When they are lying on their bellies on Mom, they can lift up their heads well. This is part of their normal 'getting on the breast themselves' behaviors."

You can use this prone position with any age baby, but Garber Mendelson says it is particularly useful for moms of immediate newborns.

Read on for more info here, on the website. It has more info on the Straddle position, which is baby sitting on mama's knee, with pillows under his/her bum if they are not long/tall enough to reach breast.

Monday, December 15, 2008

"Epidurals Can Stall Labor" Study

New Danish Study says:
"The vaginal examinations at the woman's admission to the labour ward provided several prognostic indicators of dystocia later in labour. Expecting a child with a high birth weight and the use of epidural analgesia were also associated with the risk of (labor) dystocia, the latter association being particularly strong."

We know labor dystocia is a risk of epidurals, but to see yet another study on it keeps us confident in the-less-interference-the better policy.