Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Epidurals & Tattoos have a Connection??!!

What in the world could tattoos have in common with epidurals?

More than you might think.

The future may be one of the last things on the mind of those desiring a stylish look with a tattoo, but most likely they aren't aware of some of the other lesser-known problems that might occur with the permanent injection of dyes.

But, the whole reason for the post is this part:

What about epidurals? This is another area of potential problems with tattoos. With the popularity of tattoos on women's lower backs, these often large and ornate tattoos cover the specific sites where epidural needles are usually inserted. The most common reason for an epidural is for pain control during childbirth, but they also are used sometimes during certain surgical procedures when general anesthesia is not advised.

Back in 2002, a couple of anesthesiologists from Vancouver, Canada, wrote about a small study they did with three patients in labor who had lumbar tattoos. The doctors wondered if this was a potentially problematic situation because theoretically the epidural needle could pull down and deposit the ink near the spinal cord. Even though the study was small and they did not have problems with these particular patients because they inserted the needle where there wasn't ink, their article in the Canadian Journal of Anesthesia caused many other anesthesiologists to change their practices.


Monday, October 13, 2008

Birth Circle NEXT MONDAY, the 20th!

Hi friends,

It will be Birth Circle time again next week.
We hope you can join us for good information, advice & snacks!
It is at Kelly's home in Staunton, VA.
Email me for directions, if you need them.
It is at 7 p.m. on Monday, October the 20th.