Thursday, January 15, 2009

Postpartum Doulas & Dads

I am training to be a postpartum doula, which means that I am studying to get certified, though no certification is needed, btw... I found this interesting article on how Postpartum Doulas can help the dads transition to new fatherhood, as well as the mom.


The importance of the father.s involvement and support during the weeks following birth
cannot be overstated. During this time he truly becomes a parent, getting to know this
tiny yet complete person who has entered his family. The doula can ease this
introduction, helping the father to discover all he can about his baby, as well as
developing his own concept of himself as a parent. In addition, the doula.s support can
help parents to adjust their own relationship, moving forward to enhance their previous
life together as a couple who are now parents.
The role of the doula is to help the family experience success."

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Can Birth Affirmations Prevent C-Sections?

Can Birth Affirmations Help Prevent Cesarean Section?
Birth affirmations are quotes or sayings that you can repeat to yourself before and during birth in order to lift your spirits and give yourself encouragement. Using birth affirmations may be one way to prevent cesarean section.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Thoughts From This Doula

I am thinking about all the mothers I have been with in the past & counted up 2 girls out of 7 births! Wow! Lots of boys!
I have 3 clients that are expecting & only one of them is expecting a girl...

Also, still lovin', lovin' , lovin' my job! I cannot even call it a "job"... I suppose it is a "calling" more like. Supporting a woman at such an intimate, sometimes scary time is such a privilege to me. I eat it all up like a sno-cone in July... :()) (yes corny, I know, okay?!?!)

I am opening a new shop on tomorrow. I will be selling my Birth/ Pregnancy Affirmations & many other things that are printable, until I get brave enough to get craftier than I am now. . . May take some kind of miraculous change in how my brain works, but I await it patiently... lol Eventually, I will brave the cloth diaper world, as is my dream to open a diaper service in my area... I will make cloth diapers, liners, covers, etc. I will also be making breastpads, burp cloths, reuseable pads, etc.