Monday, May 11, 2009

To All the Pelvises I Have Known Before...

What if there was no pelvis? What if it were as insignificant to how a child is born as how big the nose is on the mother’s face? After thirty years of watching human birth, this is what I have come to. Pelvises open at three stretch points—the symphisis pubis and the two sacroiliac joints.

These points are full of relaxin hormones—the pelvis literally begins falling apart at about thirty-four weeks of pregnancy. In addition to this mobile, loose, stretchy pelvis, nature has given human beings the added bonus of having a moldable, pliable, shrinkable baby head.

Like a steamer tray for a cooking pot has folding plates that adjust it to any size pot, so do these four overlapping plates that form the infant’s skull adjust to fit the mother’s body. Every woman who is alive today is the result of millions of years of natural selection.

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Kelly K, CD (CBI)