Saturday, November 15, 2008

3D Medical Animation of Normal Vaginal Birth (Childbirth)

This is what NORMAL BIRTH looks like... but of course this LOOKS much easier than it will actually present!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dog Birth at Our Home!

I have news from our home!
We have a litter of puppies... I got to witness this amazing process, too! (that is why I am posting it on this blog, as I have done on my personal blog, too)  I know it is not human birth, but it is a similar concept, huh?!   :)

Our dog, Sadie, was acting funny on Wednesday, early in the morning.  She usually sleeps till 9 am or so, so when I awoke to find her pacing back & forth & nesting in the box I had made for her, I knew what was going on.

6:30 a.m.- She asked to go outside, I waited for her, because I could tell she was anxious.  She did her business & then came immediately inside to her box.  
She was 'circling' in the box.  She started breathing heavy & licking repeatedly.
7 a.m.-  She gets in the box to stay.
7:15 a.m.-  Sadie is visibly pushing/grunting.
7:30 a.m.- Shaking, drooling heavily, trying to rest.
7:45 a.m.-  1st puppy born (blonde female)
8 a.m.-  More contractions
8:09 a.m.-  2nd puppy born (black female)
8:17 a.m.- 3rd puppy born (brown female)
8:43 a.m.-  4th puppy born (black w/white paws male)
8:55 a.m.-  5th puppy born (black female)

Sadie ate each placenta, each sac off of the pups.  I only helped remove the first sac, as she looked dumbfounded... I waited for 3 minutes to see if she would do it, then only removed it from the face of puppy, the puppy was not moving, was perfectly still for 3 minutes.  When she did finally squeal, Sadie knew exactly what to do from there.