Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Due Dates "Estimated" Ones, That Is...

After reading a blog post by DoulaMomma, I was inspired to once again, post on what having an "estimated" due date really means... it should be Due MONTH, note single out a DAY on the calendar. It is too stressful!

You're more likely to have your first baby at around 41 weeks (and a day, to be precise).
But almost everyone thinks their baby will be "early"... due to the fact that they feel they may burst!
Obviously some of them will be early, and about 5% will be right on time, as 2/3 of my children were, and many are "late".
But the whole idea of estimated due dates is that they are an "ESTIMATE"...
seeing as e.d.d.'s were not so focused on in earlier times... it was just that, truly an "estimate".

I think our minds and our connections to our babies are powerful -
So if you are waiting on your baby, have a talk with them.

Also, what was your cycle like when you got pregnant?

If it was longer, eg. 33 days, then your date might be off - that dial-a-baby chart is based on 28 days, getting pregnant on day 14. Same deal for shorter cycles - maybe you're a little more pregnant than your date indicates and you'll be "early". Either way, no one has been pregnant forever - your baby will come. - (DoulaMomma quotes)