Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Using a Midwife AND a Doula

Does this combo work ?
Over half of the mothers I have attended to have had midwives & the midwives have always spoke positively of the support given. The parents, too.

I would like to hear from mothers who have had both, or who chose NOT to have a doula because they HAD a midwife attending- my curiosity was piqued from this blog post at a Doula Speaks.


Doula Lauren said...

Thanks for the blog love. Please let me know what your vistors say too. :) (my verification is: predsho...too funny)

Cherylyn said...

I'm a trained doula, working toward certification with DONA. I have used a doula with two of my births (both planned un-medicated births in the hospital with an OB), and her support is a big reason why I'm becoming a doula myself. I'm now planning a home birth with a midwife. My midwife attends all births with an apprentice, and all of her apprentices are trained doulas. For this reason, I've chosen not to hire an additional doula for this birth, as I feel I will have enough support from my midwife, her apprentice and my husband. If I were to give birth in the hospital again, regardless of whether I worked with an OB or a midwife, I would DEFINITELY hire a doula again. If my home birth midwife didn't have apprentices to assist her, I would DEFINITELY hire a doula for my home birth as well. I feel the support a doula gives is irreplaceable. The midwife or OB is the medical expert, and the doula offers non-medical support. There are many times that more than one or two sets of hands is needed, and having the additional support of a doula is definitely a must for me. I hope this answers your question :)